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Want to learn more about Dolphins?

Here are some very cool facts about dolphins. When booking a dolphin tour in Panama City Beach Florida, make sure to contact Gulf Coast Excursions. We do our best to not only have you right there with the dolphins, but teach you all the great facts that show you how amazing they are are. Dolphins swim 4 to 5 miles a day.

Dolphins sleep with half of their brain at a time.

A mother dolphin trains her young by pushing them to the surface so they can breathe.

Dolphins communicate through a series of clicks, whistles and other sounds.

Dolphins are very social animals and have been known to help injured humans by protecting them from sharks or bringing them to shore for help.

While dolphins have short vision, they can see well underwater.

Dolphins are very curious creatures and often follow boats because they are interested in the people on board.

While most dolphins live in salt water, there is one freshwater species that lives in the Amazon River in South America.

Dolphins are amazing animals! If you want to learn more about dolphins, Panama City beach is the place to do it!

Come see us a Gulf Coast Excursions and book your Private Dolphin tour.


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